That hip thrust is my spirit animal.

Drnk omg I need th3 hutcherbunny

I want airport pics! Pull out yr phones people!

I hope the HutcherBunny blesses us with new photos this fine weekend.


It’s the year 2052. I just turned sixty. 

Jennifer Lawrence is sixty-two. 

We just got married. 

Both of our partners from our first marriages died. Brain cancer for mine. Huntington’s for her. We reconnected our friendship over our misfortunes. A relationship came easily soon after.

Now we’ve been asked to be apart of the revamping of “the Newlywed Game” show on the Games Network. Of course, we agreed. We love ourselves come healthy competition. 

NewlyWeds: A Joshifer One Shot [coming soon]


It’s only 9+ months late…

According to the Better Business Bureau, SBNN is not registered in the State of California, nor any other state in the country. 40 out of 50 states require registrations in order to legally solicit funds.

Because Straight But Not Narrow is not registered, they should not be fundraising until it registers with the Attorney General or Secretary of State of California.

Support Josh all you want, but educate yourself when it comes to supporting ANY charity.
SBNN gains tens of thousands of dollars per year through a charity basketball game, the sales of merchandise, and targeted asks via social media accounts. The concern is that there is no indication where this money is going.

I inquired about financial disclosure/information through their website and social media accounts, but all you find are broken links, missing information, “coming soon,” outdated names and dates, or promises of updates that never came. Donate: info coming soon. High School Ally Kits: stay tuned as we will be releasing more information early in 2013. Just B U: info coming soon. Blog: last updated seven months ago. Just Be U Tube: info coming soon. Cause marketing: info coming soon. Campaign building: info coming soon. Same with consulting, fundraising and projects. This has been going on for YEARS.

Customers have to inquire multiple times on the status of orders; payment is accepted and processed, but merchandise isn’t sent out. There are targeted asks for money surrounding the aforementioned charity basketball game, as well as asks that center around celebrity birthdays. Again, there has been no disclosure or follow-up when it comes to exactly where this money is going. Considering the delinquency of their programs that claim to support their mission, as well as the incomplete information provided online, I am curious to know where this money is.

I spent three months attempting communication with the founders of this organization, who are listed on the website (http://www.straightbutnotnarrow.org/). Their firm, Cause Creative Marketing LLC, also has a website domain that unfortunately has expired (http://www.causecreativemarketing.com/).

I did hear from a founder, Heather Wilk, six weeks after sending my original correspondence on three separate occasions (August 15, September 4, September 10). Numerous promises of meetings to discuss the purpose and distribution of funds were made by Ms. Wilk over the period between September 24 and October 17, but she repeatedly failed to fulfill these meetings, citing forgetfulness. Yes, forgetfulness.

So I did what any educated consumer would: I contacted the BBB and am in contact with their COO. It has been enlightening, and I hope SBNN gets their shit together.

SBNN is an awesome organization that needs an actual board of directors who hold its founders/fundraisers accountable.


Its amazing what a man wearing a suit can do to a woman’s hormones